From scared to smiling

When Layne Jones took her daughter Kyah to an urgent care clinic for shoulder and abdominal pain, tiny red dots on her lower legs caught the doctor’s attention as a possible sign of something serious. Testing confirmed the physician’s suspicion — Kyah had leukemia.

Soon after, Kyah arrived at Niswonger Children’s Hospital for treatment terrified and in tears. The child life specialist soothed her fears with a bag of treats and a compassionate explanation of the procedures and treatments that lie ahead. Today, Kyah bounces into Niswonger for her treatments with a big grin, excited about seeing her special friends.

“Sometimes you actually have a fun time and forget you’re getting chemo,” says Kyah. “Sometimes it’s hard, but you get through it.”

How does a kid get through the worst nightmare ever? With compassionate care at a place like Niswonger, designed just for kids — where fear turns to fun, horror to hope and tears to trust.