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Back to school…and feeling good again.

Andrew Keys is a bright, athletic teenager who loves school and soccer — he rarely misses a day when he can do either. Other than the occasional cold or bug, Andrew was always a healthy kid. So when he started having stomach problems and pain that wouldn’t go away, it was clear something was wrong.

“We thought it could be an allergy or virus at first,” his mother, Kara, remembers. “After his second trip to the ER, he was admitted to Niswonger Children’s Hospital under observation for a few days.”

Doctors discovered the cause of Andrew’s discomfort was pancreatitis, which is rarely found in children and young adults. He received medicine and treatment that helped relieve his pain so he could make a full recovery at home.

“We’re grateful for the excellent care our family was given at Niswonger Children’s Hospital,” Kara said. “Thanks to his physicians and nurses, Andrew is healthy and